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Frontline Workers

A Kansas City Community Wellness for Frontline Workers

Healing Heroic Healers, Inc

Individuals who dedicate their time and personal safety to protect and improve the lives of others often answer the call to serve at a young age. They recognize that making a positive impact in this world requires providing a safe space for civilians to live, work, and play.  However, this calling is currently facing a significant crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-political challenges surrounding public health have placed extreme mental and emotional stress on many frontline workers and emergency responders. As a result, empathy and compassion fatigue have started to settle in, affecting the ability of many heroes to effectively carry out their missions.

At Healing Heroic Healers, we offer an innovative alternative to traditional medicine by prioritizing the overall well-being of frontline workers. We provide numerous wellness packages exclusively for the benefit of our frontline healthcare workers and emergency responders to help refuel their body reserves. Our ultimate goal is to raise wellness sustainability while offsetting the financial burdens for our healthcare workforce.

We understand that a significant portion of Americans lack the confidence to afford care if they become ill, while many individuals delay much-needed care due to high insurance deductibles, premiums, copays, and out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, our mission is to give back to frontline healthcare workers by providing direct access to natural and holistic care. Most natural and holistic care isn’t covered by insurance providers. It happens to be an out of pocket expenses. This is where we come in to help our heros refuel, rebalance and refresh, as they give serve our community. 

Our Mission

Healing Heroic Healers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to give back to frontline healthcare workers by providing direct access to natural & holistic care so that they can refresh, refuel, and rebalance.

HHH Covid 19 Wellness Support

The ongoing pandemic has left a lasting impact on our communities, and its effects will be studied for generations to come. Regardless of the political aftermath, one undeniable reality is the significant increase in frontline worker burnout and depression. The combination of managing their duties while under immense social pressure has taken a toll on these dedicated individuals. 

 In response to these adverse effects, we are diligently working on a wellness cohort program that aims to refocus the energies of high performing workers by allowing them to allocate their time and attention to other crucial areas of their lives. Our ultimate goal is to create a sense of balance, centeredness, and positivity for our members, where their well-being is just as important as their essential service.  

As this plan is still in its early stages, it is important to acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed numerous gaps in multiple areas of our society. However, we are resolute in our determination to bridge these gaps by developing holistic resources specifically tailored for our frontline workers. 




Are You Ready to Help?

As we continue to build Healing Heroic Healers, we look to the support of the friends and business community surrounding the emergency services. These health and protective workers are more than our first responders. They are our community allies that pave the road to our recovery and community safety. They are caring for us during this confusing and challenging time, and we should return the favor by taking care of them.

An emergency responder should never be left to suffer alone. More than 1 in 4 essential workers have been diagnosed with mental health disorders since the start of the pandemic due to increased pressures and challenges facing their industry.

Let's Support Emergency Responders

Your donation goes to improving the physical, emotional, and mental health of critical emergency workers around the Kansas City community